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Andrew Doughty is a New Zealand based Bone and Stone carver and artist. Each carving is handcrafted with love. His wish is to create carvings that communicate peace and hope.

Hei Toki - Mōwai Rokiroki - perfectly calm

Bone and Pounamu Carvings for Sale

I have a number of carvings available for sale online. The pictures include both front, back and sometimes other angles as well.

All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and includes free postage and packaging within New Zealand. 

All work is personally guaranteed. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the carvings. 

Hei Toki - Mōwai Rokiroki - perfectly calm

Authentic NZ Greenstone tag pic.png
Authentic NZ Greenstone tag pic.png

Hei Toki - Mōwai Rokiroki - perfectly calm


Dear friend, Kia Ora

This Hei Toki is named Mōwai Rokiroki meaning perfectly calm.

It is made from authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu. I am a registered Artisan licensed to purchase raw Pounamu through Ngāi Tahu’s authenticity assurance scheme developed under the authority of the Ngāi Tahu tribal council. Authentic New Zealand Pounamu displays a unique traceability code. Only licensed individuals or businesses can use this mark, as only those following specific regulations can purchase the raw stone from Ngāi Tahu.

The Ngāi Tahu authenticity code is: B200NG91. It can be traced here:

This raw stone is Kahurangi, the Māori word for ‘precious’ or ‘prized possession’. It is the lightest green of the stone types with delicate translucency (when carved thinly). Endless combinations of Pounamu types occur, and no two pieces are the same guaranteeing that your Pounamu is unique. Within this block of stone, the colours range from a warm brown or tan, through to light creamy greens, and a deep dark green as we get closer to the heart of the stone. This stone was sourced from the rivers of Tai Poutini ki te Raki, the northern region of the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. 

Each Hei Toki is handcrafted and is unique. The difference in each piece of stone makes these incredibly individualised. I have gone for the mat finish as is more in line with traditionally carved Toki. It has been bound using the traditional no hole technique. This means that there is no hole drilled into the top so avoid a potential point of weakness.

In general, the Hei Toki (adze) is a symbol of strength, courage, power, and authority. Traditionally they had two uses. They were functional tools used for cutting down trees and used by Tohunga Whakairo (Master Carver) to create their elaborate carvings. Secondly, they were bound to ornate wooden handles and used for ceremonial purposes. Only strong chiefs with a lot of mana could wield the toki poutangata (ceremonial axe). Due to this connection with Māori Chiefs they are a symbol of great Mana.

When a great tree was felled for the purposes of making a special waka (canoe) or a carving for a meeting house (Whare Nui), the first chips of wood taken from the tree were given to the Tohunga (elder or priest) who took them to a special place where a karakia of thanks was recited. This karakia was directed to the god of the forest, Tanemahuta, acknowledging the sacrifice of those under his care.  

Andrew Doughty

Database Reference:  200-151

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This Taonga has been registered in my database and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. I guarantee my craftsmanship. If there are any problems let me know ASAP and I’ll put it right. 

I wish you and your family the deepest peace and happiness. 

Aroha nui

Database Reference: 200-152