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Andrew Doughty is a New Zealand based Bone and Stone carver and artist. Each carving is handcrafted with love. His wish is to create carvings that communicate peace and hope.

River of Life series  - Manahau - triumphant

Bone and Pounamu Carvings for Sale

I have a number of carvings available for sale online. The pictures include both front, back and sometimes other angles as well.

All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and includes free postage and packaging within New Zealand. 

All work is personally guaranteed. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the carvings. 

River of Life series - Manahau - triumphant

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River of Life series - Manahau - triumphant


Dear friend, Kia Ora

This simple Taonga is named Manahau which means triumphant. It is part of the River of Life series although the emphasis of its meaning is slightly different. Each carving is handcrafted and is unique. The difference in each piece of bone makes these incredibly individualised. This contemporary carving with flavourings of traditional Māori influences depicts the flowing nature of life. It can be interpreted in many ways.

It is based on the shape of the Tomairaki (Tōmairangi), which is reminiscent of a dew drop.

“Ka patapata iho taku whakaakoranga āno he ua, ka maturuturu iho taku kupu ano he tomairangi (tomairaki), me te ua punehunehu ki runga i te tipu hou.

This is interpreted to “My teaching drops like rain, my words trickle forth like dew and the misty rain on new shoots”. As such, this is an expression of great wisdom. Wisdom that guides us to deep inner peace and stability. This poem was gifted to me by the very esteemed Kaumātua and Tohonga of Na te Upoko Runaka o Te Runaka ki Otautahi o Kai Tahu, Rev’d Maurice Manawaroa Gray MNZM, LTh,JP.  

The front contains a single Pāua inlay. This represents the purified nature of our innermost being. It is basis upon which we experience life. When we understand this at the deepest esoteric level, we can understand that the outer world we perceive is a reflection of our inner world. The design on the front is reminiscent of a man-made river or canal. With a canal we can channel the water in the direction we wish. Therefore, we are able to use this flow of water to generate power. I think this is a great metaphor for achieving goals and taking the essence of our precious human life.

On the back there are three Pāua inlays. These represent the purified nature of our body, speech and mind. These are the basis upon which we experience life. They also represent the past, present and future. Combining both these concepts depicts the relationship of cause and effect. Each action has its own effect. Each effect arises from its own action. At another level they reflect each other, “As above, so below”.

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The carving comes with a four-plait cord which features a fully adjustable slip knot system to enable to a perfect fit around any size neck. It also comes with an officially signed certificate of authenticity and has been registered in my database of work.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the carving and over time come to fully understand all the various layers of meaning imbued in this creation. I wish you and your family the deepest peace and happiness.

Hei konā rā
Andrew Doughty

Database Reference:  103-010