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36 Meadowville Avenue
Christchurch, Canterbury, 8024
New Zealand

+64 27519 0724

Andrew Doughty is a New Zealand based Bone and Stone carver and artist. Each carving is handcrafted with love. His wish is to create carvings that communicate peace and hope.


How are bone carvings made? Why are bone carvings often referred to as Taonga (treasure)? Why in New Zealand is it traditional to bless a carving before it is worn?

Within this blog space, I will explore these questions and endeavor to illustrate how they are created.

Over time, I aim to create and build up a useful resource for others wishing to explore this craft. 


Caring for your Bone Carving

Andrew Doughty

If you bathe in a thermal pool, the cord and Taonga itself will be very effective at absorbing the wonderful aroma of sulphur and you may be mistaken by your cat or dog as being a bit rotten. (Although some of them might like that).

May your Taonga last a very long time.

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The small voice of an Artistic Protest...

Andrew Doughty

This carving is a protest piece. While this content may be a bit controversial it is not my intention to offend anyone... 

I was going to price this carving at $43,269.23, however, I have settled on $18,173.08 NZD. I will accept any offers over $10,000. This simple carving represents 4.5 hours work. Now I do not seriously expect anyone to be bold enough to pay this much for such a carving (as nice as that would be). If you continue reading I will explain how I reached such a costing…

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Why in New Zealand is it traditional to bless a carving before it is worn?

Andrew Doughty

The answer to this question has many levels. Modern people have many varying beliefs and while respecting this, I offer the following perspectives…

There are three main drivers for blessing a carving; 1) Historical, 2) Cleansing and Transforming, 3) Other Various Beliefs...

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