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+64 27519 0724

Andrew Doughty is a New Zealand based Bone and Stone carver and artist. Each carving is handcrafted with love. His wish is to create carvings that communicate peace and hope.


How are bone carvings made? Why are bone carvings often referred to as Taonga (treasure)? Why in New Zealand is it traditional to bless a carving before it is worn?

Within this blog space, I will explore these questions and endeavor to illustrate how they are created.

Over time, I aim to create and build up a useful resource for others wishing to explore this craft. 


Learning to Carve - Pt 3 - Tools & Equipment – Burs

Andrew Doughty

When starting out it is useful to have a good selection of burs to play with and then over time you will start to get the feel of what personal preferences you have. You can buy them in sets or purchase them individually. When purchasing individually, you can buy single ones or any number you like. Usually there will be a discounted price for a packet of 6. I am referring mostly to purchasing from a Jewellery tools supplier, rather than the local hardware store. The local hardware store will usually only sell sets and will have limited range. You can order online from a Jewellery tools supplier however I think it is helpful to physically go in the first time to eyeball the sizes. This helps so you have a reference point for future orders too. Even now I still order the wrong size time to time!

You can get Tungsten steel, which is more expensive but lasts longer, or your basic tool steel drill. I mostly use the latter but for fine detailing I do like a good Tungsten steel bur.

I will focus on the standard sized shank to fit quick release hand piece tools which is 2.35mm. I think that you will also be able to apply the same information to the 3.2mm burs however as I do not use that size, I cannot comment on the range of sizes and shapes available.

The following burs are the main ones I use all the time. (Although I do use others for specialised work) …

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Learning to Carve - Pt 2 - Tools & Equipment – High Speed Drill

Andrew Doughty

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will invest in is a high-speed drill. For carving bone, the faster the better. This is probably one of the bigger outlays you will need to make for your setup.

You can purchase basic stand-alone units from jewellery suppliers or hardware stores. Some popular brands are Dremel, Foredom, and Strong Micromotors. They all come with their own style handpieces which can be purchased as part of a package deal or individually.

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Learning to Carve - Pt 1 - Setting Up a Studio - Tools & Equipment - The overview and list

Andrew Doughty

In this blog I will examine what tools and equipment will get you started and how to set up a studio...

If you want to have a play and create come bone carvings, you don’t need a huge budget to make a start. Here are some essentials needed to get going. This list is not definitive by any means, but it includes the most essential items along with some explanation further below on each on. Many of these items you may already have within the home or existing workshop/garage. Remember, a good workshop grows over time…

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